Group Members

Prof. Maria Helena Florêncio

Professor Maria Helena Florêncio

Group Scientific Coordinator


e-mail: mhflorencio 'at'

Prof. Maria Tereza Fernandez

Professor Maria Tereza Neves Fernandez


e-mail: mtfernandez 'at'

Prof. Maria Filomena Trindade Nunes Duarte

Professor Maria Filomena Trindade Nunes Duarte


e-mail: filomena.duarte 'at'

Prof. Carlos Manuel Ferreira de Sousa Borges

Professor Carlos Manuel Ferreira de Sousa Borges


e-mail: cmborges 'at'

Dr Pedro Miguel Duarte Vaz

Dr. Pedro Miguel Duarte Vaz


e-mail: pmvaz 'at'

Dr. Paulo J. Amorim Madeira

Dr. Paulo J. Amorim Madeira


e-mail: pmadeira 'at'

PhD Students

  • Pedro Alexandre S. L. Caetano Alves

  • Molecular studies on the ageing of oil paints formulated 1890-1940

    The project aims at the development of a molecular chemical understanding of the impact of the changes in paint formulation introduced by the paint industry and colour men in the period from 1890-1940. It intends to investigate the influence on the present condition of paintings from that period. Oil paint defects observed in paintings from this period suggest that the introduction of new paint materials already starting in the 19th C may be the root cause. Experimentally formulated and aged paints made according to recipes from that period will be investigated and their chemical constituents will be compared with the composition of samples from contemporary paintings supplied by collaborating Portuguese museums and Tate Gallery London.

    e-mail: paalves 'at'

  • Pedro Alexandre dos Santos Salgueiro

  • Mohammad Safi Shalamzari

  • MSc Students

  • Ana Rita Gomes

  • Shabnam Behrouzi

  • José Manuel Almeida Santos Nunes

  • The antioxidant power of chromanol: theoretical prediction of the acidity of phenol derivatives

    Project Students